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(Book VII)

Book VII
Book 7

The Dreamer must have been very tired, too. He still hadn’t slept since waking up to reality. But he used the time as best he could. Slowly and easily, he told Echo of how it was in his dreams.

"Before I woke up to this world, I was in a different place. It was a place called dreams. Everything you could ever want was there. The place was made of thoughts, and so it was flowing with happiness. Sunshine lived in the walls, clouds burst from the ground. You can recognize this place very easily. Everyone there you could ever see trusts you with their smiles, and borrows yours to marry with their own."

The Dreamer smiled. And of course so did Echo. "Just look for a place where everyone smiles at you. Then you’ll know that you’ve arrived." (Reader, if you should ever return to this place, I’m sure you will also be very happy. But please don’t forget about your friends. I trust that you won’t delay: you will come right away to find me.)

The Dreamer continued, "There were so many things to do that you could never get bored. There were a million things to see, and a million more to imagine. For a long while I felt like the sun. And since it was in my thoughts, I became the sun. I could talk to my brothers and sisters, the stars. What a brilliant place: there in heaven all is heaven. We communicate with each other by glowing. We become brighter and brighter, pulsating light like heartbeats.

"And maybe the next moment, I am a heart. I flow like blood through the body. And I feel just as the heart feels. But then, the next moment the blood becomes a clear blue river. And I drift along, falling into a waterfall. Yes, I imagine myself the waterfall of my own wishes. And I fall and I fall, a beautiful fall."

The Dreamer paused, trying to remember the last moments before he woke up. Think how difficult it is to remember those last few moments before you wake. Those dreams don’t want to be remembered wrongly, and so they try to make you forget them completely.

But the Dreamer recalled as best he could. "At last, I dream myself into a pool. I float so easily. The water is so clear that it doesn’t reflect anyone. I stare at forever with an open heart. And I make one final wish: I wish for nothing – for nothing to change."

The most difficult wish in the world is to ask for nothing to change. Consider how impossible it is. You can’t tell the sun to stop glowing. You can’t tell a waterfall to stop flowing. And you can’t tell a Dreamer to stop dreaming.

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