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Last updated Apr 2024

This page is always being renovated. Click on the links to see something. Different texts are available in other languages.

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* Children's Shorts Spring is Late
The Two Clashing Views of Verona with sample illustrations
Harold Heard Butt Cake" (opens in a new window)
* Short shorts

"String Theory"
"Cubicle Zero"
"Life is easy" (with audio)
"The Tourist"

* Longer shorts

"came the monster"
"end of the rainbows"
"the sadness of things"

* Satire

"Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl"
"Pat Robertson"
"Six-year-old Republican"

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* Travel writing

Escape Strategy : California
Hungry? SF: A la crêperie, ma chérie
Hotel Review: The Savoy Hotel
Thirsty? SF: Tea, if you please

* Academic writing And this little pig went to the Indies: The Iberian pig in the Americas
* Magazine articles ( Chicken Soup for the Soul | technology )
* Album reviews (one | two)
* Advertising (print ads | radio one | radio two)
* List of cheeses
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