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people live in corners
words and illustrations by b.z..


Preface: Doctor’s orders

Part I: people and dreams

secrets society
a room with no windows
confessions of a wisher
collecting people
sympathetic movement
string theory
fast fashion
wandering stars
the science of things

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Part II: dreams and the beginning

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V
Book VI
Book VII
Book IX
Book X
Book XI
Book XII

Part III: people and eyes

beautiful things
glass houses
a blind accomplice
the moon and you
sheep friendship
the coming of penguins
hypersensitive clouds
baby names
the end of the rainbow

Part IV: eyes and the end

one for the history books
further nightmares
a room with no walls
shadow friendship
the second coming of penguins
the story of the sea
words screaming
jealousy and the fishes
killer cars or, portrait
the difference between men and women

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