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(Book II)

Book II
Book 2

So let’s go back in time, to when time was first invented. It couldn’t be as long ago as the Doctor thinks. She thinks she knew me before I even recognized I was awake. That doesn’t seem right, does it? It’s so illogical – especially for the Doctor! I think maybe time just feels slow. It isn’t as exciting, and doesn’t pass as quickly, as a dream.

If we are to get to the bottom of this, Reader, we must remember how the hours were first invented. Let’s try to imagine the first beats of time’s eternal clock. It ticks away silently. I assume time must have begun in a perfectly ordinary place. And of course there must have been someone there to start counting it. After all, what would time be without a person to worry about it? So some lone Dreamer woke up from an uncountable sleep. He opened his eyes to this world – to this reality. His eyes must have lifted just like the sun on its first day at work, raising slowly and hopefully. Although I prefer sunsets personally, sunrises are quite beautiful, too.

The Dreamer probably looked at the sun lazily. He saw it born at the same moment in time, rising cautiously with his smile. Staring at this bright and beautiful light, the Dreamer probably expected the sun to disappear in his eyes, or maybe he believed it would change with his thoughts. Remember, in the world of dreams his thoughts would have controlled everything. But in this new reality, the Dreamer was powerless.

And the days kept coming. Again and again the sun circled him, chased him around the constant, unchanging earth. But Reader, please don’t fault the sun. The sun was itself helpless to stop. The Dreamer misunderstood its intentions. The sun was bound by the irresistible attraction of sun and earth. If only the Dreamer could have seen that he and the sun had something in common – they were both chained by time. When you’re alone you must look for friends anywhere you can.

The Dreamer was still unsure where he had woken up to. He did not seek friends. And so his first days passed, soundlessly, repetitively, and alone. Yes, I’m quite sure the world must have started this way. What other explanation could there be?

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