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About Western Union and this ad campaign.

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In today’s computer age, e-mail has taken over while phone calls, telegrams, and face-to-face communication have fallen into disuse. Despite its convenience, e-mail rarely conveys the emotion of the sender. Even though I might be happy if you e-mail me a Happy Birthday message, it is not as personal as a phone message or a telegram. Western Union Why? One reason is that email is so convenient that the recipient doesn’t feel like you have spent any time writing the e-mail. "It took you 30 seconds, so that must be all I’m worth to you!" your mother might say. E-mail is delivered to your electronic mailbox with tons of other junk mail and advertisements. Unlike print mail, there is no personalized envelope that separates good mail from bad mail. Finally, if the recipient doesn’t check his/her email often, then your email becomes a belated greeting.

Telegrams offer some benefits over e-mail greetings. You can write them on westernunion.com’s web site as easily as you do an e-mail. However, the telegram is delivered in person to your special someone. Even if the recipient isn’t home, he/she will feel good because of your special effort. The convenience of e-mail, but with the appearance of more effort. Thus the tagline, "A better way of saying the same thing."

The ad slogan "You’ve got mail! / (who doesn’t?)" is meant to convey the idea that e-mail is not special and isn’t the best solution for personal/important messages.

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