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About Christ Leather Goods and this ad campaign.

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Christ Leather Goods

The leather industry isn’t one that is filled with many new styles or innovations. People buy leather because they like it and they trust it. Since leather jackets, purses, and outfits are expensive, the consumer wants, above all, for his/her purchase to last. In buying leather goods, then, brand name becomes increasingly important. Consumers will buy X brand leather product if they know it and they trust it.

This German leather goods chain has a strange name. It is this quirky name that the ad slogan relies on. "As if saving our souls wasn’t enough?" is a pun on Jesus Christ and Christ leather goods, which incidentally are not related in any way. The funny name should be enough to imprint on the consumer’s memory: for this reason it is prominently displayed in the ad. The pun with Jesus also serves to instill trust in the consumer. After all, we trust Jesus with our souls. And even if Jesus isn’t related to Christ leather goods, the two are associated together in the consumer’s memory. The tagline, "Leather for every millennium" plays on this theme as well, and the millennium duration of time reinforces the durability of the leather.

So by now you probably want to see the ad.

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