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ah!! take me somewhere safe

:60 spot for Mint Technology.

Original transcript of this radio commercial:

A German factory. The Director and his assitant speak in German accents. Speaker is American.

Factory sounds. A whistle, cogs turning, cranking, machinery booming, a man yelling "Schnell!" ...

A short siren goes off.

Peon: Herr Director. There's a problem in Sector 7G.

Director: What is it?

Peon: A defector.

Director: No, it can't be! Another one. Where has he gone?

Peon: Mint Technology, Herr Director. He wants a refreshing career choice.

Director: And what's so refreshing about Mint Technology?

Peon: Herr Direcor. Exucse my pitiful honesty. Mint takes the world's coolest submicron technologies, cutting-edge tools, and creates the hottest architecture, design, verification and synthesis on the planet.

Director: (disgusted) I've heard enough.

Peon: But there's more. Mint offers extraordinary challenge and stunning project variety, working with the coolest engineering talent in the world. They're hiring ASIC engineers as we speak!

Director: Ay, that does sound refreshing. (relenting) Tell me, Frau, does Mint have an opening for an Herr Director?

Peon: No, sir.

Director: Schieze!!

Speaker: Refresh your career thirst. Email jobs at Mint dash Tech dot com. or visit Mint Tech dot com. That's M - I - N -T - dash - T - E- C- H dot com. Mint Technology is an equal opportunity employer.

Another siren.

Director: Another one? Frau? (desperate) Frau!

this seems too productive -
why don't you take me somewhere safe