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Memory, like anything, is only good in moderation.

(ix. wandering stars)

It’s too bad that people have run their wings out of fashion. Ever since people stopped using their wings, their dreams have been confined to this world. But there are so many wishes in heaven that people should see. People today have grown accustomed to fear; they have learned to love living in corners. Even so, people can choose their corners – so it’s strange that no one picks a corner of the sky.

With the cities becoming so crowded, it seems easier now to find a space in the sky than one on the ground. You don’t even need wings to live there. You just need to find someone to share your dreams. After all, it takes two to touch the sky: one to hold the world, and one to squeeze the stars.

Looking always at the ground, people have forgotten the stars, too. Those wandering stars. They were the first beings to choose the sky as their home. And stars are the happiest things of all. That’s because the stars are always together. They look at each other; they follow one another’s breath. The stars wander together in constellations. They never separate, never do the stars wander from the path alone. The stars circle and laugh like children, brilliant and pure as the day they were born. And the stars remain children forever. Unlike people, the stars have never tried to grow up.

1.ix. wandering stars
ix. wandering stars
Those wandering stars. They were the first beings to choose the sky as their home.

Just the opposite, people are always trying to age as quickly as possible. They ask for more responsibility, they begin working younger and younger. Adults throw away their toys pretending that they’ve outgrown them. But I’ve never seen a toy that was too small to play with. So maybe it’s not that the people’s hands have grown bigger, it’s just that their eyes have grown smaller.

Stars are hopeful beings, too, and forgetful – just like all children. This is what keeps them so happy. The stars circle the sky always playing the same game: the stars are trying to remember their dreams. That is impossible, of course, because the stars do not dream. They believe.

The stars remain in the sky always laughing, believing that everything is perfect. As they pass the craters of blackness in the universe, the stars rid themselves of memories. They forget all the obscene things that they see below them. Of course the stars live in an illusory world, but this is the fuel that powers their brightness. The stars do not let the world bring them down. Sometimes you have to forget things to be truly happy. Memory, like anything, is only good in moderation. I only wish I could explain this point to the Doctor.

Recently people have been living in a world without stars. There is so much light coming from cities that today you can look up at the night sky without seeing any stars at all. And so, too, there is so much pressure from modern life that people live without illusion. Without any stars to guide them, people are determined to look for truth alone. Yet they continue to look in the strangest places. They look in microscopes and discount supermarkets and on television. No one remembers to forget anymore.

I’ll tell you something worth remembering, though. You’ll never find the truth looking at the world with your eyes, because your eyes were not made to see the world. Your eyes were meant to look inside you. They have been turned inside out. The world is in your head, the illusions are the stars – because they do not wander or waver or move. You do.

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