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The instantly sympathetic narrator of this story has a problem. As an amnesiac, the narrator can't remember things that people today think are so important: names, dates, science, or history. Instead, with all these "important" memories gone, the narrator finds simpler, more beautiful explanations for everything in life. Penguins don't fly because they are embarrassed. Sheep make the greatest friends. Sad days make it rainy -- not the other way around. Love is something that must be invented, just like color and sound. And, of course, people wouldn't have car accidents for no reason, so it must be that they want to meet each other.

All the while, the Doctor is trying to convince the narrator to forget these absurd "memories." She wants to perform an operation that will "cure" the narrator of these dreams causing his false memories. Trying to decide if an operation is a good idea, the narrator writes down all these memories, directed to you, the dear Reader. The decision is a difficult one: whether to remain in a peculiar world of personal memories, or to give up his dreams -- which are beautiful -- in order to live normally in today's society.

The narrator eventually agrees to enter the hospital, and it is there that the lesson is finally learned. The dreams are truly the narrator's only world, and so it is impossible to give them up.

We live in a world where people are so terrified by history, and so preoccupied with the future, that they forget to live in the present. People Live in Corners explores the themes of love and modern society in the only way one can: absurdly and tenderly. It is a light-hearted and optimistic narrative, one that leaves the Reader -- young and old alike -- thoughtful and changed.

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