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(Book IX)

Book IX
Book 9

The Judge must have been the one that helped the Dreamer. After all, we are all in need of friends sometimes. For good reason, too. Just think: in a world without friends, there could be no "Thank you."

The Judge was standing behind his regal podium. The Dreamer was in a courtroom, with angry-looking spirits as the jury. He shook in fear. "Welcome all you spectators," said the Judge, "this is certainly the show. This lowly man argues here before the mightiest of your own. Dreamkeeper, do us honor, and quickly state your claim. What is it you have done that this human dares not name?"

Probably then the Dreamkeeper appeared, the owner of that voice which had tricked the Dreamer. His devious smile fell, his lips unable to support it. Maybe smiles are heavier than he’d thought. (Perhaps this is why the Doctor seems too tired to wear them. Yet she looks so beautiful on the odd occasions when she does.)

The Dreamkeeper winked to his minions in the crowd, and his crystal eye cracked in a billion pieces, each cold screen holding a vision of someone’s dream. The Dreamkeeper imprisoned these dreams, he distorted them with his eye. He controlled a billion people’s wishes as he blinked.

The Dreamkeeper probably roared to the crowd something terrible. "What haven’t I done for this man?" he thundered. "I ask you all to consider: he is the Dreamer, I supplied him his dreams. Yet he asked for more. A dreamer never stops dreaming, wanting, and needing." There was a glimmer in his eye that he veiled under pretended sorrow. He continued, "And I of course gave in. But in a regretful moment this one Dreamer felt satisfied? He wished that things would never change. And I, his servant, did my best to please."

At this the Dreamer wept. Everything the Dreamkeeper had said was true. He had asked for things never to change. But reality was not what he had meant. He had wanted the feeling never to change. But in this world of open eyes, feelings and actions had become reversed.

The Dreamkeeper continued, louder and higher than before. "Never trust a dreamer to know truly what he wants, or to believe in what he sees. I created time. I ended the flow of dreams. I made permanent what had always been free. I made a world that never changes: reality. Is it to be just another gift for him to throw away?" The jury roared and pointed accusingly at the Dreamer.

Feigning tears, the Dreamkeeper continued. "And let me add this. From deeper within, I guessed more than his dream. I created something even greater, a wish he didn’t even know he had. I gave him Echo to share. I joined two dreams to one. Would he now have me throw it away?"

The crowds nodded with growing assent. "Enough of this dreamer! Enough of his dreams!" The hiss choked the Dreamer. He coughed helplessly on his own wish, on his final dream.

The Dreamkeeper persisted, carrying a grin wider than evil. "But fellows, I am moved. If you wish, Dreamer, I will take this away, return this constant world to the cracks of space. If this is what you want, I can destroy what for you I created. I take the land, I remove the sun, the wind, and the water. And the Echo." He laughed. "And the Echo."

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